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GreenWyvernGreenWyvern Member Posts: 247
I took a small break from drawing, and ended up becoming sick, thus, prolonging my drawing further... bleh... I'll see if I can get something done soon, but in the meantime, I hope you don't mind if I start up some sort of elementary wordplay game!

It's simple: We tell a story, but alternate between using Unfortunately and Fortunately at the beginning of every sentence! [One sentence per post, I assume]

Post I: There once was a village of happy Kobolds, gathered up to celebrate "Fish Day"

Post II: Unfortunately, all the fish died of water pollution.

Post III: Fortunately, they had a backup supply in case of such an emergency!

Post IV: Unfortunately, just a week ago, a bear got in and ate EVERYTHING!

Post V: Fortunately, they found a substitute for fish; CRABS!

... and so on...

So, yeah. Sorry if something like this already exists.

I'll let the first poster to start off the story! [Neither using Fortunately nor Unfortunately]



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