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Issue 1 of a Community Made Magazine

This is the first issue of a new community run magazine for the IE games. This issue includes IE mod highlights, custom 5e rules, an Interview with Beamdog's very own @Elminster, a lengthy review of the game Tyranny, as well as, art, creative writing and ramblings of other community members.

All submissions and work for the publication was done on a volunteer basis, as we attempted to get the first issue out before Christmas (we failed miserably). It is our gift to you, for making this place an amazing collection of talented individuals and personalities.

I would like to thank @O_Bruce, @God, @Lord_Rumfish, @Vallmyr, @semiticgod, @Anduin, @typo_tilly, @Nonnahswriter, @JuliusBorisov and @Trent_Oster for making this project possible.

This is also just the beginning. We are currently working on our second issue for the community as I type this. We would love to hear your feedback, thoughts and suggestions for this project as we move forward. This includes a name for the publication. We are open to and encouraging suggestions and will have a poll to choose the name out of the best suggestions. There will also be a prize for the winning submission, but it might just only be one of @Nimran's .

If you have a question, idea, or would like to help us out for upcoming issues, please just message @JuliusBorisov or I through the forums.

We hope you enjoy this magazine as much as we enjoyed making it for you.

JuliusBorisovVallmyrGodlefreutsemiticgoddessArctodusCorianderAnduinlolienShYarivArdanisCahirkanisathaAlexeiPepersButtercheeseNoontypo_tillyThacoBellLordRumfishCrevsDaakSkaroselunarAerakarStefanODemivrgvsTroodon80lordkimOtherguybleusteelBelgarathMTHdunbarKamigoroshibrusChidojuanNonnahswriterMoradinbaldurskjdMantis37switwoowoovoodooSkandiiAndrewFoleyYgramulGrammarsaladHurricaneElrandirPapa_LouDJKajuruO_Bruce[Deleted User]LeoNegusCaradocelminsterRavenslightArdulmashedtaterspsykotik


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