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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition FAQ

JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 20,495

We have prepared the most detailed FAQ for you!

Roadmap -
Input -

The Roadmap board is a public read-only board where interested parties can inform themselves on what is going on in NWN:EE land, development wise.

The Input board is something I and other developers can fill with data based on what the community are saying. Then you (each of you!) can vote on that data to prioritise it. Developers will pick features from that and move it to the Roadmap board to indicate "this is great, let's do it"

If you're interested in helping to make NWN:EE better, go vote in the Input board, and share the feedback on the main forum.

Now the Roadmap board provides all the Live Stream links. We have also added the patch archive list and put a card with the NWN:EE release notes there.

The full list of changes between Neverwinter Nights 1.69 and Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition is here.

Everything about the Head Start is here.

Patch Notes v74.8150
Patch Notes v74.8151
Patch Notes v74.8151 & v74.8152
Patch Notes v74.8153
Patch Notes v74.8154
Patch Notes v74.8155
Patch Notes v74.8156
Patch Notes v74.8157 & v74.8158
Patch Notes v74.8159
Introducing the NWN:EE Development branch + Development Beta v8160 Patch
Development Branch Build 8161
Patch Notes v74.8162
Development Branch Build 8163
Patch Notes v74.8164

Instructions on how to report bugs in NWN:EE.

If you purchase NWN:EE and then decide to get the Digital Deluxe, it’s possible to upgrade - just send a message to our support ([email protected])


(Dragon+) An interview with Trent Oster and Jonathan Hill about vibrant communities and modern-day mods


Find videos here
December 1 Livestream Recap
December 8 Livestream Recap
December 15 Livestream Recap
December 22 Livestream Recap
January 12 Livestream Recap
January 19 Livestream Recap
January 26 Livestream Recap
February 2 Livestream Recap
February 9 Livestream Recap
February 16 Livestream Recap
February 23 Livestream Recap
March 2 Livestream Recap
March 9 Livestream Recap

How To Get Your Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Steam Key

Instructions on how to upload files to the Steam Workshop

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