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Who are the Moderators (and How to Spot a Team Member)

DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
edited June 2013 in Site Resources
Hello, adventurers!

There's been a bit of confusion about who's who on the forums, so this post will be here to explain our system of identification. Later on I'll also keep an updated list of the site staff here, to help you find the best person to contact for your particular needs.

First, the different colored backgrounds. You may have noticed some people running around with grey backgrounds behind their posts. These people are Moderators. They're here to help with the various parts of the site. They're volunteers, and they do an excellent job, and they know the site rules. What are the site rules?

If you have any issues, whether it be with your account, with something you see on the forums, or just a thread you posted by mistake and want it removed, those are the people to talk to.

Anyone with blue background is a Team Member. These are developers, writers, contractors, scripters, presidents, producers, artists, and anyone else actively employed by Overhaul Games as a part of the BGEE project. These are the people who are working on the game itself, doing their best to bring you the best experience possible. Some of them are known members of the modding community, and most of them have been on these forums since before they were hired. If you have questions about the game, talk to a "blue".

Hopefully that clears things up a bit. Trent's pretty busy some of the always, so he doesn't usually have time to communicate directly. But the rest of us try to find at least a few minutes every day to post on the forums and participate in the discussions, so even if you don't hear from our president every day, you can generally look forward to hearing from at least a few of the developers throughout the forums. Just look for the posts in blue!

Carry on!
~Dee, Team Member

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