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Vinny's Crappy Flashy Gallery: Enhanced Edition

GreenWyvernGreenWyvern Member Posts: 247
edited March 2015 in Fan Creations
Hello there! New to the forums, so, uh... I don't... really know... MOVING SWIFTLY ON, this is a thread where I shall post random doodles and whatnot, relating to both the IE games and the BG forums! A lot of it will be poorly done flash stuff, but hey, it's all for fun!

To kick things off, doodles of random forum members!... or something...

(They're in portrait dimensions, so that's my excuse of it being on-topic)

@AlbinoWyvern [Well, it was a bit bias, but I couldn't help myself from drawing her~]








But, yeah... browsing this forum while completely bored out of my mind at school, I just need to say thank you to everyone involved for making this community so great! That, and an extra special thanks to the respective developers for... well... you know, the amazing games known as BG and ID!

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