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Let's write some Limericks! (Attention, might get raunchy)

ButtercheeseButtercheese Member Posts: 3,769
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The rules:
- Everyone get's to just make one post in a row.
- Finish the Limerick the other person started and then post the first line of the next.
- Don't end on non-rhymable words.

Doesn't have to be Baldur's Gate/ D&D related, but it's encouraged :D

Example, using a limerick by @swnmcmlxi, found on the NPC Limericks thread:

Post 1:
That Dorn, he had manners quite coarse,

Post 2:
But was truly equipped like a horse.
Said: 'I don't dual wield,
And forget sword and shield -
Two-handed is a matter of course.'

Next: [Insert new first line here]

I'll start:
A bard once broke his lute

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