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Come share your odd gaming habits! What do you refuse to do in BG? What wierd ideas do you love?



  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    Caeria said:

    That's so weird.


  • SirBatinceSirBatince Member Posts: 809
    edited December 2015
    in 30 or so runs of BG1/BG2 in a time lapse of about 10 years, I've never played with NPCs in my party... I have always either solo'ed or multi-char'ed (6 customs).

    It's a terrible thing I know. I'm fully aware I'm missing the incredible banter, interactions, quests and romances... but the rare times I tried having a NPC party it should felt like they didn't ... "belong" to me, then they eventually infected me with restartitis :neutral:

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  • OlvynChuruOlvynChuru Member Posts: 2,499
    There are a lot of sections of areas that I pretty much never ever go to in Baldur's Gate 1, so even though I've been playing the game for an extremely long time, I occasionally discover things that I should've discovered long before. For example, I never knew that there was a nobleman's house in the northeast corner of Nashkel until I added a mod that revealed the map of Nashkel and other town areas.

  • Abi_DalzimAbi_Dalzim Member Posts: 1,410
    edited December 2015
    I try to avoid going thiefless as much as possible. Some traps are just way too annoying for me to tolerate. Plus, forcing locks with STR is way harder than it should be.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 20,510
    @Gallowglass and @Caeria Assassins in the EEs follow the thief's general restriction of all alignments except for Lawful Good.

    The alignment restrictions tied to Assassins is due to the Rogue Rebalancing mod.

  • jesterdesujesterdesu Member Posts: 373
    I believe this was written in the description of vanilla baldurs gate but never implemented. Bgee removed the writing rather than making the pnp rules stick here.

  • CaeriaCaeria Member Posts: 201
    Ah, you're right. Upon looking closer, that mod is installed in my supposedly unmodded version. I knew I shouldn't have let my ex-boyfriend borrow my computer. Now I'm concerned that there's other things he changed...but anyhow, thanks for letting me know!

  • TheWhitefireTheWhitefire Member Posts: 119
    edited April 2016
    Why don't you just make sure your rep is at 10 or higher when bhaalspawn power time kicks in? Actual alignment is irrelevant, as far as I know, unless you're a class that requires a certain alignment. Like Kensai, who have to be Lawful. But good/evil bhaalspawn powers are determined by reputation, not alignment. 10 or higher gets you cure light/slow poison/DUHM, and 9 or lower gets you Larloch/vampirism touch/horror (which is utterly useless compared to DUHM).

  • MoczoMoczo Member Posts: 236
    One that seems to have only cropped up now that the EE is the norm: I have never NOT sent Hexxat out to die in the sun so I could keep the bag of holding her coffin comes in. I do it every time, regardless of alignment. Just the second she trusts me with her source of immortality even though we just met, I feel compelled to betray her. I may be a sociopath.

  • CutlassJackCutlassJack Member Posts: 493
    My quirk is that It completely breaks immersion for me to take an 8 hour nap after every fight. I do whatever I can to minimize sleeping to more realistic levels. Because of this I usually avoid having people in my group that are only effective with lots of sleep (i.e. most pure mages).

    In Icewind Dales, my group always has a pure bard, because the regen song almost completely eliminates the need for the group to sleep just for healing purposes. That makes me happy. I also almost always have a second thief in the group so my Swashbuckler can focus on more fun skills initially before worrying about locks and traps.

    My other more recent EE related quirk is that I'd rather keep a broken Clara in my group than an overpowered Hexxat.

  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,045

    My other more recent EE related quirk is that I'd rather keep a broken Clara in my group than an overpowered Hexxat.

    How on earth can you cope with her constant "Must.. Go.. to Dragomir's tomb". After hearing that five times I was ready to end my own life! :P

  • CutlassJackCutlassJack Member Posts: 493
    Skatan said:

    My other more recent EE related quirk is that I'd rather keep a broken Clara in my group than an overpowered Hexxat.

    How on earth can you cope with her constant "Must.. Go.. to Dragomir's tomb". After hearing that five times I was ready to end my own life! :P

    A walk in the park compared to listening to Khalid most of the first game. ;)

  • booinyoureyesbooinyoureyes Member Posts: 6,162
    jinxed75 said:

    3. I'm a collector of unique armor and weapons. Everything with a name and story won't be sold. I even buy armors and weapons I'm never going to use, and have them them improved by Cromwell or Cesp, if possible.

    Oh yeah, of course! Isn't that what the Bag of Hoarding, er, Holding is for?

  • DJKajuruDJKajuru Member Posts: 3,255

    I also REALLY like making non-damaging mages, Enchanters, Illusionists, things of the like. I find it oddly fun to be able to mess with enemies like that without doing a single drop of magical damage.

    So do I! I think that charming, confusing and using illusions is way more fun.

  • kanisathakanisatha Member Posts: 839
    Don't know how I missed this thread until now; it is very cool.

    I never ever play evil and absolutely cannot understand people who do.
    I never 'steal' equipment from NPCs I let go.
    I'm a chronic hoarder of expendables.
    I really hate 2e spellcasting so I never play a spellcaster.

    But here's something that's always been huge for me which I don't know if anyone else has brought up. In BG1 in the eastern sector of the city, I think, there is a house that you can enter where a butler immediately confronts you. Once you kill the butler and then go upstairs, a man screams at you about entering his house unasked, killing his butler, and attacking him as well for no reason. The reason players enter this house and kill these two individuals is for some really nice magical goodies you can loot from them, of course, but I've always felt it is the height of evilness to do this. So I've never gotten to use that awesome helm you can claim from this guy's corpse.

  • dockaboomskidockaboomski Member Posts: 435
    I never, ever play BG2 without Jan. Ever.
    I usually spam fireballs instead of formulating an actual, viable strategy.
    I can't finish a playthrough of BG1 with a single party because all of my favorite characters make a terrible party.

  • TheWhitefireTheWhitefire Member Posts: 119
    I'm terrible at playing evil characters.

  • HoopleDoopleHoopleDoople Member Posts: 23
    1. For convenience, I always cheat myself a huge stack of identify scrolls and basic ammunition. I also give myself all the useful containers to make it easier to be an organized pack rat.
    2. Other than healing potions and ammunition, I try to avoid using consumables like wands and scrolls for combat.
    3. I always implement rest limitations on myself. I enter an area fully rested and then attempt a full clear. Extra rests are only allowed for huge dungeons (say, one per floor of Watcher's Keep) and before boss battles.
    4. I love using Wild Mages and find the randomness to be highly amusing. I don't really use the Wild Mage only spells very much, but I like never knowing when a wild surge is going to hit and cause random chaos. I'm perfectly willing to accept the reloads that come along with some of the more debilitating effects.

  • znancekivellznancekivell Member Posts: 58
    I don't play non-Human races, even Halflings are weird story-wise. Human & Half-X make the most sense too me.

    I can't play Evil characters. Just... terrible. I want to be the hero, not the villain.

  • BalladBallad Member Posts: 197
    I always make my Charname a strong melee character, yet never a pure class fighter. His strength must always, always, always be at least 18 (to be tome'd to 19 in Ch6). Usually, I end up rolling a Blade, a Ranger/Cleric or a Fighter/Illusionist. I don't know why, but I just can't handle the thought of playing a Charname that's a whimp (which is pretty much what I am IRL at 5'7" and 143lbs :blush: ) yet I don't want to make him a gruff, emotionally impaired meathead either.

    When rolling a character, I never reduce a stat below 9 if I can only help it. I also like to have a wisdom score of at least 13 no matter what class I'm playing. Of all the AD&D stats, wisdom is the one I most value in real life, so I refuse to dump it even if it adds nothing to my character's abilities.

    I never play evil and always want a paladin in my party. In BG1, I always take Ajantis. In BG2, I always take Keldorn. Incidentally, Keldorn is my favourite NPC in the whole series. The concept of a wise man torn between his church's dogma and his own conscience is just very appealing to me. I usually imagine him becoming a mentor of sorts to my charname, a surrogate father, if you will.

    I always choose Aerie as my love interest. I know some folks out here hate her for being emotionally distraught and whiny, but I just find her endearing. Out of all the romanceable NPC's, Aerie is the only one I could see myself dating in real life. Sure, she starts out traumatized and needs a lot of shouldering, yet she eventually grows out of it and ends up confident and pretty damn powerful in the end. I also like that she doesn't play any petty ego games like Viconia and Neera.

    Gameplay-wise, I try to avoid reloading as much as I can help it. I pretty much reload only if my charname snuffs it or someone I really like (Keldorn, Aerie) gets chunked. I also try not to be too much of a completionist. Obsessively scouring every house, barrel and haystack for a couple of gold pieces just kills my supension of disbelief. Then again, I love exploring and in most of my playthroughs, I end up playing completionist anyway and hating myself for it.

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