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The topic for unhappiness/vent your sorrow



  • RigelRigel Member Posts: 136
    @semiticgod Now I understand. And I am happy to learn that now you feel good and yourself in your new self. We live only once and to be able to know who we are, what is our true "ego" is so important, but the way is sometimes painful and difficult.

  • ThacoBellThacoBell Member Posts: 10,558
    Our foodstamps did not renew this month. We submitted all our renewal papers for the year and have gotten no response. I really hope this is just a short delay and our card will refill in a day. Because otherwise, we have no means to get food for our son for the week.

  • StummvonBordwehrStummvonBordwehr Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 860
    edited March 1
    Damn. That is quite the letdown @ThacoBell

    Hope it works out for you and the family. I understand your distress.

  • Balrog99Balrog99 Member Posts: 5,988
    ThacoBell wrote: »
    Got a letter confirming it yesterday. Our food benefits have been cancelled. The cited reason was that, apparently, there needed to be an interview needed to happen that didn't. Except we were never contacted about an interview, the review papers stated nothing about an interview being needed, rights and responsibilities didn't say anything about a renewal interview, the renewal papers stated nothing about an interview, and none of the documentation available to us stated anything about us being responsible for initiating any element of the renewal process. I am baffled, my wife is baffled, and the professional who handles our cases is baffled.

    The whole thing has me pissed off an depressed. We were halfway through our plan to be able to live on our own, and now we have lost every single benefit we worked for 6 years to earn. We are back at square one, and I have no idea how to fix it, or how to prevent this from happening in the future. Because apparently they can change all the rules and not tell us until we've lost everything.

    My grandma always used to tell me, "The government can change anything they want with a stroke of the pen."

    Sounds like in your case it's probably some kind of clerical error, though. I'm sure it'll work out for you eventually (small consolation, I know...).

  • DragonKingDragonKing Member Posts: 1,774
    edited March 7
    Well, looks like I got to go to the hospital again. The numbness and tingling in my right arm and leg have gotten worse. It actually pulled me out of my sleep and I realized I couldn't move my fingers.
    It seems to be at it's worse between 12am and 2am, or maybe it's always there and I don't really notice it until around these times in the morning.

    I'm still taking my blood pressure medicine, but I don't have the funds to keep up with the whole, "only eat vegetables". I tried to, outside the face they don't last that friggin long I don't have the funds for it.

    Anyways, people keep telling me that these are signs of a stroke, so not the countdown has begun. Will I make it to the big 3-0 or will life give up on me like I always said it would before I reached 30.

    Only 5 days left

  • AdulAdul Member Posts: 1,989
    @DragonKing I'm very sorry that you're forced to deal with such difficult health issues at such a young age. I've had my fair share myself and I know it's not easy. Keep your doctors up to date and hang in there!

  • Balrog99Balrog99 Member Posts: 5,988
    edited March 7
    DragonKing wrote: »
    Well, looks like I got to go to the hospital again. The numbness and tingling in my right arm and leg have gotten worse. It actually pulled me out of my sleep and I realized I couldn't move my fingers.
    It seems to be at it's worse between 12am and 2am, or maybe it's always there and I don't really notice it until around these times in the morning.

    I'm still taking my blood pressure medicine, but I don't have the funds to keep up with the whole, "only eat vegetables". I tried to, outside the face they don't last that friggin long I don't have the funds for it.

    Anyways, people keep telling me that these are signs of a stroke, so not the countdown has begun. Will I make it to the big 3-0 or will life give up on me like I always said it would before I reached 30.

    Only 5 days left

    Unless you're prone to blood clots it's probably not a stroke. Sounds more like something's wrong with a nerve. I had a similar problem years ago with tingling and loss of feeling from my left elbow all the way down to half of my left ring finger. It turned out that it was from a bad habit of mine. I used to lay on the floor and play video games on my laptop while watching TV. The way I positioned myself put most of my body weight on my left elbow and it pinched the nerve. It took almost 3 months and lots of ibuprofen to take care of it...

  • DragonKingDragonKing Member Posts: 1,774
    I wish I was that lucky, but I have already been informed on several doctor checks before now that my blood pressure is already dangerously high. The constant stress, and poor eating doesn't help it much at all. I'm wirstiong of these blood thinner pills even actually help.

  • Balrog99Balrog99 Member Posts: 5,988
    edited March 7
    Have you talked to a psychiatrist? If it's just stress there should be better options than blood-thinners for your blood pressure. My dad was on Warfarin for a few years for a heart murmur and it was pretty awful for him...

  • DragonKingDragonKing Member Posts: 1,774
    edited March 8
    It's not just stress, I have a naturally high blood pressure, got it from Mom and pops, who both have natural high blood pressure and mom who has diabetes which is in my bloodline. Last time I went to the ER they confirmed I didn't have diabetes but I did have a dangerously high blood pressure.

    On a more depressing note... I'm literally in the one place I don't want to be right now due to current events happening.


    Someone walked in behind me with heavy breathing, sweating, and looking like they were about to pass out. Yay me...

    Left my apartment around 4:30... It is now 10:22 and it seems like im finally being discharged.

    Verdict, they have no clue what's going on... They say it's doesn't appear to be a stroke and it doesn't appear to be diabetes so they want me to to do whatever yo get a neurological exam. Can't say that put much faith in me.

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  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,576
    edited March 13
    semiticgod wrote: »
    Rigel wrote: »
    Why weren't you happy to dress like a guy ?
    I'm transgender. It feels wrong to dress like my old self. It's a reminder of a much sadder and lonelier part of my life that I've been moving past.

    i dream of a future when we all will be able to dress like a man, woman, clown or whatever, and cakewalk in the street without other people judging us.
    as well as cakewalk completely naked, without any fear of problem, we are the only animal species that has to hide its body like something shameful.

    that day we maybe also will be free to feel ourselves "ourselves", if you get what i mean, in every situation independently to the dresses we have on.
    and it is true also for the less evident and visible dresses we use to put on every day: socially acceptable behaviors, the obligation to be cool or be nothing and so on, the faking in expressing who we are, how we feel cause of how other people could judge us.

    that day maybe also some people that now make the choice of becoming transgender will have less urge to do it, as it is a choice that has so many cons, related to what we do to our bodies, i am not talking of the social related cons, and whose social related pros, to be accepted by the other people as you feel inside, would be in that hypothetical future less relevant.
    still some people that really feels his body as it is as something wrong would make the choice to become transgender, but only because how they feel themselves, not because how the other people think and judge. in every case, both in a changed body or in a body that is as it was originally everyone would be much free to be himself.

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  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,576
    Arvia wrote: »
    My son is making experience with bullies at school and in after school care.
    For example, one boy choked him in the locker room because he had blocked the door..............

    I have an appointment today with the woman who's in charge at after school care................ Teachers don't seem to understand that the one who hits can also be the victim.
    They tell him to make an effort, to stick to the rules and control his anger.
    And other moms already give me The Look when they see me, because he kicked their child. Never mind what happened before the kicking, and that my supposedly aggressive son is the one who's crying every evening.
    one of the first things my mother taught me is that if i punch or kick an other person that did not kick or punch me before, even if i am right, i was offended in some way, i automatically become wrong.
    self defense in case of physical aggression is different, is not escalating the conflict at a physical level, is reacting at the same level of the aggression. even if she aught me also that if can avoid to respond with physical violence to physical violence is better that i try to do it.
    (by the way if someone decide to do it imo instead of kicking there are better ways. if your son when the other guy asked to everybody to lift the hand if they did not like him would have go next to him and would have given to him a slap in the face, like the slaps the old school parents used to give to a naughty son, in front of all the classmates, with the same self given authority that a parent has in scolding his son, maybe the teachers would have made the same problems they do for the kicks, but the opinion of the class mates about who is really the cool one would have drastically changed...)
    and don't make me wrong, i don't suggest it, even if a couple of times in my life i had to use it, and worked great.

    i am almost 60 and i perfectly know that in the present younger generation the bullying problem is much worse then at the time i was young, but i still think that what my mother taught me is true.
    i also believe that if the behavior of the bullies does not have any justification if someone becomes victim of them it is somehow also his fault.
    why among all the classmates only someone becomes a victim?

    if you feel to move your son to an other school well, you are in charge, you have to do what you think is better.
    but even in an other place if someone is a magnet for the bullies i am afraid that problems will rise again.

    so i suggest you to help your son at working on those aspects, to learn to don't vent his frustration with kicks and physical aggression, and mainly to find the reasons why he has become a magnet for bullies, to change his way to interact with the other people, as so often if the other people don't respect you is because you don't respect and value yourself in first place. also the more you are able to "read" the situations the smarter you can react to them, to compete with a bully for who reaches the door first is a good example of not being able to read the situation.

    i hope it can help you. to see our sons and daughters facing bullying and social in acceptance is one of the worst things a parent can face.

  • DragonKingDragonKing Member Posts: 1,774
    edited March 28
    Depression game getting too Strong

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  • DragonKingDragonKing Member Posts: 1,774
    So, the hospital say they don't know if I have covid-19, but I could have since o do have a viral infection right now and spots on my lungs on the x Ray that weren't there before.


    Seems Everytime I go to a ER, I never seem to get a conclusive answer.

  • DragonKingDragonKing Member Posts: 1,774
    So, around Thanksgiving of 2019, I lost one of my uncle's, one of my father's youger siblings. The 4 have now become three...

    Shortly after, my deceased uncle's oldest son lost his unborn child.

    April fourth, I lost one of my little cousins...

    May firstaround 11pm I get the call, I just lost another cousin, the elder son of my deceased uncle...

    I want to be sad, even depressed but I can't help but hear the voice telling me that I don't have the right to be, not while my cousin has to cope with losing his brother, father, and neice/nephew.

  • SkatanSkatan Member, Moderator Posts: 5,039
    Though the rational me fully understands why, travel restrictions still suck when me and my partner lives in separate continents. At least one more month until we are finally together again, but might be more too.

  • DragonKingDragonKing Member Posts: 1,774
    There isn't a mathematical formula that can calculate how much I effing hate this world!

    So today was the due say for my tuition for summer semester,and my stupid school in all its infinite wisdom didn't do a payment plan option for some reason so we scramble to get the full tuition together... But to pay it we need to put it on one card. So we buy 2 moneypak cards...

    I wait the needed 30 minutes before trying to transfer the money into a bank account... The moneypak transfer failed saying it couldn't process it ... I tried again 40 minutes after that, then again 1 hour...2 hours and eventually I get tired and try to get effing customer support.

    Now here is where the first "they can burn in the 12 realm of hell" starts... The websites help page is nothing but a list of predetermined questions that are of no help, so I call the number on the back of the card. It's a effing not bot that says, "go to website you've already been to for answers", there is literally no way to talk to a costumer support representative.

    So now I'm annoyed but I know this company or whatever is ran by greendot, so I try to call their costumer support... Hahaha, yea as if it was that easy! Nope can't reach them because I don't have a effing card for them.

    But lucky my, my dad has one and he calls them, just to be told he has an hour wait..

    So I tell him to give me the info and I'll do it, and 15 minutes later Im talking with costumer support!

    I give them all the info, well almost all since they asked for a address I didn't have and had to inform that that I was the son of the card holder, which started the whole, "sorry we can't talk to you without his permission."

    So I call pops and make it a conference call, where he literally gives her again all the info I just gave her, plus the address I didn't have at the time. Then he gave them permission to talk to me before making sure there was nothing else needed and hanging up.

    Oh wait, I'm still not allowed to talk to them, on top of requiring his permission he has to remain on the call with me as well... So I have to call him back, put him back in the call stopping him from well knowing pops fixing or painting some cars at his shop.

    Now we get into "oh you can burn in hell, the sequel!" So after a back and fourth of trying to explain to her how, first their freaking site wasn't even working, and then how how I kept getting the failure to process and no it wasn't because the cards were locked... She finally tries to search for the moneypak...

    Low and behold, despite having both cards, the receipt, and literally being able to tell her what megabox store *coughcvdcough* we bought them from, she starts to tell us that there were no moneypak cards bought today... She could not find those numbers in the system... Then I have to put in a fraud claim back on the website and wait 5 business days for a response.

    Did I mention that, today was the due day?

    But better yet, here is the big money question, where the eff is my money!

    The older I get the more I hate this world!

  • gorgonzolagorgonzola Member Posts: 3,576
    this world is usually wonderful and amazing, the problem often is just the human race, not only we pick every paradise and put up a parking lot, but we love to create any form of bureaucracy complication like the one you had.
    we have the power to shape the world in an even more fantastic way than it is naturally and we fill it with trash, concrete and ruin it.
    we have the power to live all in a way that is worth to be lived, free from starvation and from the many problems that affected originally our species, and we seem to be able to kill other human beings, to cause the extinction of many other species and we live in a way that makes half of the humans starve and the other half that has too much and waste food and resources while still in most cases don't live in a way that brings happiness as bureaucracy and too much social pressure to have more then we need ruin even the lives of most of those that are in the lucky rich part of the world.

    in the matrix movie one of the enemies tell to neo that the human race is like a virus for the planet, so often i think that he is right about it...

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