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BG1NPC for BGEE Prerelease - UPDATE v21-PR_20150131

AstroBryGuyAstroBryGuy Member Posts: 3,414
edited February 2015 in BG:EE Mods

BG1NPC v21 and BG1NPC Music Pack v6 are released with BGEE compatibility!

I started a new thread for the official release versions:


A beta version of BG1NPC v21 with BGEE compatibility is available for testing by the BG community. Please check it out and report bugs here.

The most recent prerelease is v21-PR_20150131:

BG1NPC Project page at Gibberlings site: (

BG1NPC v21 Prerelease 2015-01-31

NEW for v21_PR_20150131
* Xzar dialog bug fix
* FIx for BGEE area script issues in AR2400 and AR2900
* Updates to Amelia in Coran's Quest
* Various typo fixes

Summary of Amelia changes:
Amelia was a very difficult battle for BG1, so she has been toned-down to be more appropriate for BG1.
* HP, THAC0, AC, Saving throws updated to be in line with PnP succubus stats.
* Only immune to non-magical weapons
* On BGEE (or Tutu/BGT installs with 1 PP Wings), Amelia's combat appearance now has wings (defaults to previous fire elemental appearance on installs without 1PP Wings).
* Updated combat script, inspired by Kirinhale's from TotSC

NEW for v21_PR_20150115
* German translations for Skie dialogs and banters
* Updates to Amelia's scripting in Coran's Quest to better account for force-attacks on Amelia
* Updates to fix issues with NPC Wait at Inns component, KickedOut variable not being set correctly
* Miscellaneous typo fixes

NEW for v21_PR_20141231:
* This is an internal housekeeping update. No new content or bugfixes.
* Move bg1npc.tp2 inside bg1npc directory (to reduce clutter in game directory)
* Packing TIS files (tisunpack binaries added for HANDLE_TILESETS)
* Removing unneeded charset conversion batch/shell script files (HANDLE_CHARSETS function used now)
* Integrating files for BGEE into correct phases

NEW for v21_PR_20141223:
* Additional material for German translation - Thanks to S.!
* Updated Spanish, French, and Polish translations - Thanks @CrevsDaak‌ @Isaya‌ @Etamin‌!
* Update WeiDU to v237
* Update handing of .tra-file conversions to HANDLE_CHARSETS - Thanks @Isaya‌
* Fix for Montaron Wait at Inns location
* Fix Safana-Dorn dialog issue - BGEE ONLY
* Fix for Dynaheir interjection with Cythandria - Tutu ONLY
* Coran Succubus Quest Updates
* Kivan-Prism Interjection Fix
* Safana-Darkwalk PID Fix
* Minor bugfixes, typos, etc..

NEW for v21_PR_20141114:
* Fixes potential issues with the Imanel Silversword encounter
* Updates for the french translation (thanks to @Isaya!)

NEW for v21_PR_20141017:
* German translation available! (Teiluebersetzung vom Kerzenburgforum, teilweise noch in englisch)
* Wait at Inns component now works with BGEE
* Quest journal entries updated to be BGEE-compatible
* Various bugfixes, typos, etc..

  • Updated FILE_EXISTS checks to GAME_IS checks for tutu, tutu_totsc, bgt, bgee
  • Replace references to macro tutu_items_to_bgt with cmorgan's new macro convert_tutu_items_bgt_bgee.
  • New "just-in-time" UTF-8 conversion of tra files for installation on BGEE. (Isaya)
  • Updated cross-platform libraries with latest fixes for all platforms. (Jastey)
  • Replaced referenced BG2 scripts unavailable in BGEE with BG1NPC versions: x#mag10b, x#mag10c, x#mag14d, x#prs10b, x#drdsht, x#drui12, x#druid8, x#druid6, x#gpsht, x#shoutp, x#davidx, x#fight2, x#mepsmo, x#shout6.
  • Add BG2 item files used by BG1NPC to BGEE installs: brac25, dagg11, minhp20, misc3m, misc3n, misc3o, sahbolt, scrl8i, scrl9h, seeinvis, vamp, vamp1, vamp2, vamp3, and itemharp.wav.
  • New variable %tazokminhp% to account for different anti-death items used in Tutu vs. BGT vs BGEE.
  • Move dialog changes for Coran Wyvern quest from x#jfix_X and x#bgreplace_X to new x#corwyv_X.d files.
  • Create version of x#bgreplace_X for BGEE.
  • Create version of X_area_script_assign.tph for BGEE.
  • Missing strings added to tra files for BG2 strings referenced by BG1NPC but not in BGEE dialog.tlk (e.g., Sahaugin, Mephit names)
  • Accounting for dialog state order differences from Tutu to BGEE: firebe.dlg, xanp.dlg, hentol.dlg, housg3.dlg.
  • Added code to update SPELDESC.2DA in BGEE for Camdawg's Temple Fix
  • For CREs that use BG2 sounds that are unavailable in BGEE, sound references were updated to sounds available in BGEE (with a few exceptions). This was only done in BGEE via GAME_IS checks; Tutu and BGT will still use available BG2 sounds.
  • Added macro ~source_cre_sound_cleanup~ to CRE blocks for cleanup.
  • Added x#ogref sounds for x#chop and x#cru in Xan's Turnip Quest.
  • Added imppp04.wav for BGEE (used by BG1NPC for Dynaheir Quest creatures).
  • Fixes for x#cutspy creating errors in BGEE.
  • Firebead book quest fixed for BGEE.
  • Fixed spell name for Imoen's Artifact in BGEE. (Mike1072)
  • Block Shar-Teel/Tiax banter until Chapter 4, since it references the Iron Throne.
  • Updated Tiax Quest bounty hunters scripts in BGEE (referenced script was for party-members in BGEE).
  • Replace references to BURN01.CRE (unavailable in BGEE) with new x#burn01.cre.
  • Update Jozzi Seasnake (#seasn) to use Nereid soundset (all platforms).
  • Reordered #keth dialog actions to place EscapeArea() command last.
  • Update x#garwyl to use GHAST sounds like a spectre (all platforms).
  • Moved location of Imanel Silversword in BGEE to not conflict with Dorn quest encounter.
  • Romance Challenges area files updated for BGEE.
  • Updated Dynaheir romance end-game cutscene script to not be Tutu-specific (i.e., allows for BGEE).
  • Added sounds from BG2 for "Stranger" in Dynaheir romance end-game cutscene in BGEE. (Thanks to Etamin, Isaya, and CrevsDaak for files)
  • Updated Open Cloakwood components to work in BGEE. (Isaya)
  • Updated Imoen's death variable in x#pcbury.d. (Jastey)
  • Updated Shar-Teel romance to NOT detect a Blackguard as a Paladin.
  • Reordered Dynaheir, Branwen, Coran, Xan, and Shar-Teel dream script triggers to prevent crashes when NPC is dead while resting. (Jastey)
  • Added NPC-only items (x#ajshld, p#bow) to item_use.2da in BGEE.
  • Minor dialog typo fixes (e.g., missing spaces).
  • Added polish language files. (Etamin)
  • Coran Wyvern quest fixes for BGEE
  • Pink Xan portrait updates for BGEE
  • BG1NPC romances won't start while CHARNAME is wearing the Girdle of Masculinity/Femininity.
  • TRA converter script update
  • Ajantis Romance missing BG2 items fix for BGEE
  • Ajantis Romance/SCS Wait at Inns component incompatibility fix
  • FIXED: Alora starts in Gullykin AND the Hall of Wonders bug in BGEE
  • FIXED: Viconia interection with cultists
  • NEW for BGEE: Move NPC components for Eldoth, Quayle, and Tiax updated to work BGEE
  • NEW for BGEE: Banter Timing Tweak to adjust average time between dialog banters (replaces Compton's Banter Accelerator for BGEE)
  • Xan-Mulahey interjection fix
  • Colquetle Family Amulet Fix
  • Imoen-Gorion's Body dialog fix
  • Imoen no longer interrupts returning Brage to Nashkel
  • Kivan no longer attempts dialog with Tazok after he is dead
  • Updates to Dynaheir's Journal Quest, Jaheira's Quest, Garrick's Quest, and Montaron's interjection with Ender Sai to enable journal entries to work in BGEE
  • Updates for Coran Succubus Quest and Tiax's Quest to close open quests at conclusion
  • Moved Minsc/Dynaheir interjection with Thalantyr into a new stand-along banter with Dynaheir
  • BG1NPC Wait at Inns component now enabled for BGEE
  • German translation available (Teiluebersetzung vom Kerzenburgforum, teilweise noch in englisch)

Banter Timing Tweak - Utilizes the new BANTTIMG.2DA file available in BGEE to adjust banter dialog timings. This component replaces Compton's Banter Accelerator script for BGEE. It is not available for Tutu/BGT (Compton's Banter Accelerator remains available for Tutu/BGT). There are five timing options available:
[1] Normal banter timing (~27 minutes between banter dialogs)
[2] Faster banters (Banter dialogs occur ~50% faster)
[3] Very fast banters (Banter dialogs occur twice as fast)
[4] Slower banters (Banter dialogs occur ~50% slower)
[5] Very slow banters (Banter dialogs occur twice as slow)

Download and unzip the archive. Copy the mod files to the directory/folder where the CHITIN.KEY file lives (depends on OS and download version). See the following links for more information on installing on your platform:

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