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HTML or BBCode: Which should we use?

DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
edited March 2016 in Site Resources
Due to a change in the way Vanilla handles things, we've been forced to make a decision between HTML and BBCode.

HTML has the advantage of allowing you to do just about anything you could do with a website. It's primarily useful for advanced users.

BBCode is a more standardized message board formatting system; it's designed to be author- and reader-friendly, but that also means it's more limited in the types of things it allows you to do.

I'm going to let this simmer for about a week, and then we'll make a decision based on the results of this poll and the discussions that follow.

Right now we're using BBCode because that was the most popular in our previous poll, but nothing has been finalized yet. Try out BBCode, see if you like it, and then vote below. No matter what we use, the formatting bar that you see at the top of the reply box will be staying where it is.

HTML or BBCode: Which should we use? 136 votes

AntonaqzinaAbelBelgarathMTHrorikonFlashburnTheCoffeeGoddvdbangsrudKirinaldokillyjookNecdilzorKamigoroshiLadyRhianDetectiveMittensLaflammeBlackLinxSilverstarAnduinlurimax 72 votes
GodKaiserHellGrammarsaladGarmGemHoundFrecheelminsterElysagrisAvenger_teambgScuDTheSHEEEPdeltagoSjerrieBelegCuthalionThelsSylvus_Moonbowhook71artificial_sunlightdarrenkuoALIEN 64 votes


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