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List of Known Issues (READ THIS FIRST)

DeeDee Member Posts: 10,447
This thread contains an updated list of the approved bug reports that have been posted for the current version of the game. Do not start a new thread for a bug if it is already listed here.

A Level

11133 [Android] Demogorgon should not cause the game to crash
17017 Dual-classing from Cleric to Ranger should not crash the game

B Level

10731 [All] German sounds should play when the language is set to German.
11032 Lizard man halberds should not fail to display
11062 [Dorn] Garfunkel should die after his final speech
11069 Water and lava overlays should be rendered correctly on Android devices
11084 Lich with Phreya should not be invincible
11085 Rasaad should not stop moving if the protagonist has a romance with both him and with Hexxat
11131 Game should not crash when loading a save where an injured enemy is leaving the area
11141 Neera's ToB quest should not prevent travel to the Throne of Bhaal
11155 Saemon Havarian should appear next to the pirate ship after leaving the Vulgar Monkey Inn
11175 Dorn should not stop moving if the protagonist has a romance with both him and with Hexxat
15974 Having Death Ward active should not cause Irenicus dialogue to loop
11036 Rasaad's final ToB lovetalk should fire and not contain an infinite loop

C Level

8604 You should not lose HP when you load the game while wearing the Pale Green Ioun Stone
10541 [Dorn][ToB] Planetar of Justice should not duplicate lines
11042 Sorcerer Quick Spell Slots should not reduce to 0 spells available after resting
11061 Increased APR from magical projectiles should not remain when they are depleted
11063 Characters should not be able to walk through the closed door to the noble djinn
11074 Bala's Axe should not say it is lowering magic resistance when you hit an enemy with it
11075 Viconia's level 13 incarnations should have 7 level 3 spell slots
11076 Quick Loot bar should not jump to the last items when earlier items are selected
11077 Black Pits 2 introduction and Resting Outside movie should appear in the Movies list
11078 Dorn should lose his Blackguard status & abilities if his patron is retributioned
11080 Response to Dorn in Lunia should not have No valid replies or links
11081 Tensers Transformation should apply the correct THAC0 bonus at levels 19-21
11086 Containers and unique items should not duplicate if characters are destroyed
11087 Wizard's Energy Blades ability icon should match the spell icon
11088 The Sleeper Morningstar should not look like a flail on the game screen toolbar
11089 Druid Elemental Summoning HLA should produce 16hd elementals with correct stats
11090 Loading a save with a charmed party member should not disable auto-pause: enemy sighted
11092 Auto-Pause: Enemy Sighted should not be automatically disabled
11093 Paladins should fall if reputation drops below 8
11099 Transition from SoA to ToB should not provide a new Helm of Balduran
11100 Party members should not be baulked by other party members when attacking enemies
11101 Enemies should not get stuck when attacking party members
11106 Saving and reloading as Nalia is kidnapped should not see her remain nearby
11110 [Rasaad] Tears of Selune encounter should not trigger if he is dead
11113 Actions taken when the game is paused should show on the character portrait
11115 Viconia should not stop responding after being told a game is being played
11119 Minsc should not repeat random comments after his berserk state wears off
11125 Dual Class imported characters should have the same hit points as when they were exported
11129 Biography text should not show when swapping armour mid combat
11130 Keldorn should not be turned by good-aligned clerics
11134 Creatures should not have BG1 weapon proficiencies
11136 The Slayer Change ability should not be available until after Irenicus flees Spellhold
11137 Throwing axes and throwing hammers should add strength bonus to damage when ranged
11138 Importing a generated character via the Play button should not clear their special abilities
11139 Poison weapon duration should match the description durations
11140 Polymorph other should transform targets to squirrels permanently
11164 [TBP2] The Salve of Senile Serenity should not be sellable for more than it costs to make
11168 [TBP2] Avenger spells should not be removed upon arrival to the Black Pits
11177 Stalker Minor Spell Deflection should not show Spell Turning icons
11179 Polymorphing twice should not lose equipped item benefits when returned to normal form
11227 Party members should not cancel movement if they are baulked by other party members
11229 Party members should not get stuck when moving around objects
11251 There should not be a duplicate response to Cuddy if strength and charisma are both > 13
11252 The Headband of the Devout should not be missing its description icon
11254 Armour should not affect the armour class of polymorphed characters if re-equipped
11255 Stalker Minor Spell Deflection should protect against spells of up to 7th level
11491 Aerie should not have studded leather armour in a quickslot
11492 Neera's staff should be identified
11494 Nalia should be able to cast a level 6 spell if she joins the party as a level 12 mage
11496 Daria pregen starts ToB with a minimal selection of spells
11497 Fil should have the correct voiceover lines to match the text dialogue
11498 Xachrimos voiceover should match his text responses
11543 Krotan's Skullcrusher +2 should injure stone golems
11573 Skald bard song should not double up AC and THAC0 bonus
11581 Blocking Phaere's exit should not lock the game in cut scene mode
11585 Wizard Slayer should apply 10% miscast magic on hit
11597 A visual effect should be shown when cold damage is applied
11610 Clerics dual classing to mage should not be granted weapon proficiencies they cannot allocate
11613 Unconscious targets should not wake up when attacked
11615 SoA cat familiar should travel at the same speed as party members
11627 Characters wearing the Night Walker boots should be immune to Web and Grease
11731 Cleric / Thief should be able to hide in shadows via the thief controlled script
11739 Druid Earth Elemental shape should be able to move consistently
11786 Watchers Keep Challenge Rooms should not be inaccessible
11815 Mazzy should not talk constantly when fatigued and Valygar is in the party
11892 Game should not close if Boo is selected from the inventory screen
12013 Pregenerated Fighter/Clerics should have a class description on character selection
12059 Monks imported from BG:EE should have the correct armour class
12065 Cloak of the Sewers Mustard Jelly form should use same stats Polymorph Self
12110 Kangaxx should not be invincible in normal form
12111 Gauntlets of crushing should apply a THAC0 modifier when shapeshifted form has natural weapons
12141 Party leader Detect Traps ability should not deselect if the follow quick formation is used
12142 Chaos Shield spells should not stack
12149 Thief Scout script should not target non-hostiles
12211 [Multiplayer] Malaaq should not remain in the starting area if a party of 6 is used
12232 Party members raised by Mass Raise Dead should gain additional healing
12289 Simulacrum should not disappear if the caster takes damage
12304 Familiars should not lose their familiar status after being dire charmed
12307 [BP2] Imprisoned enemies should not prevent a battle from completing
12308 Good Deva should be able to cast Chaos
12376 Combat music should play closing tags
12377 Opening music tags should be played
12380 Timestop should not produce graphical echoes
12401 Android] Throne of Bhaal ending movie should play
12580 Standard Attack AI script should not cancel requested actions
12604 Familiars should not prevent dialogues from starting
13014 Corgeig should only provide an XP reward once when Nalia is freed
13154 Imported Cavalier should not have elemental resistances doubled
13179 Freedom from imprisonment should not change character properties
13216 Use Item or Quick Item should not be treated as round end by auto pause
13236 Paladin stronghold barony quest should check if the farmers have been killed
15070 Merchants in Waukeens Promenade should be visible if inn doors are shut
15314 Wild Surge 13 should replace the character paper doll with that of a wolf
15420 The Woodland Staff should produce a barkskin visual effect when equipped
15421 It should be possible to stake Dace if he has been destroyed without being spoken to
15425 [Rasaad] Heretic Temple exterior staircases should not be accessible from the sides
15537 Spell Trap should refresh 9th level spells
10759 Assign Keys screen should contain a full list of Mage and/or Priest spells
15557 Party members should not disappear when leaving the Pocket Plane
15734 Kamir, Arenthis and Risa should not disappear if their quest is active
15982 Loading multiplayer saves with clients should not introduce extra in-transit creatures
16054 Summoned bears and panthers should not move towards each other
16055 Summoned black bears should attack enemies on sight
16068 Fflar's Scabbard should have a description image
16069 Shapeshifter werewolf should use correct weapon icon
16070 Constitution of 20+ should not result in injured characters being healed when loading a save
16071 [ToB] Illasera should cast additional spells
16091 Import script should not get broken if a save is made while it is running
16101 EigthNearest references should be EighthNearest
16145 Mage in the secret illithid lair should attack when the party is spotted
16195 Character generation should enforce weapon proficiency rules
16272 Deva's should detect when a character is diseased
16297 Importing a ranger should allow the selection of a Racial Enemy
16392 [ToB, Neera]Completing the Eight Staves quest should remove the corresponding journal entry
16394 [ToB, Neera]Szass Tam should grant one set of XP when returning the party to Tethyr
16404 [ToB, Rasaad] Rasaad's journey quest should appear in Done Quests if his romance is active
16488 Walls around the Radiant Heart internal doors should have consistent lighting
16501 [Hexxat] Claw of the Black Leopard journal entry should remain until the claw is returned
17023 Seeking Sword should not provide incorrect Weapon Style Bonuses when dual-wielding
17211 Monks should be immune to the effects of disease
17246 Mage stronghold apprenti should not fail to leave once their tasks are done
17270 Fallorain's Plate +1 should not be a generic plate mail +1 and should be unique in the game
17271 Improved Chaos Shield spell and description should match
17274 Boon of Lathander should have the correct duration prior to level 10
17275 Defensive Spin ability should match the description
17276 Planetars should regenerate health
17277 Devas should regenerate health
17278 Thugs attacking Renfeld should give XP when killed
17279 Dark Moon Monk's Vampiric Touch should deal the correct amount of damage
17285 Edwin's should have the correct Tired sound and text once Degarden dispels his female form
17392 Berserk should disable strings for 2 turns
17396 Mazzy's Strength ability should not use the description of the wizard spell
17462 Mazzy's Lay On Hands ability should not use the description of Cure Light Wounds
17463 Mazzy's Haste ability should not use the description of the wizard spell
17464 Jan's Create Bruiser Mates description should not be blank
17491 Hexxat's Domination ability and description should match
17695 Black Blade of Disaster should set long sword proficiency to 5 pips
17866 Arenthis and Kamir should defend themselves if attacked
17957 Sarevok's banter with the protagonist should not be attributed to other party members
18089 Hardiness from the Wish spell should not stack with the Hardiness HLA
18161 [Android] Suldanessellar should not be accessible until the Lanthorn is returned to Elhan
18169 Mask of Strohm should reveal the guardian when the wearer is in sight of it
18173 Characters should not be able to start conversations while Time Stop is in effect
18198 [Tob, Hexxat] Teleport should not have a black border
18202 [ToB, Hexxat] Jaheira conversation with Hexxat should not break Jaheira's romance
18217 [ToB, Dorn] Journal entry for Dorn's bloody path quest should close
18336 Ending Slayer Change should not set magic damage resistance to 100 for 40 seconds
18348 Acorn of Yarrow should only work near the Great Tree
18396 Phreya should not be invincible if Hexxat is killed
18584 [ToB] Culac should react regardless of Neera's actions
18586 [ToB] Hexxat's request journal entry should not update until both enemies are dead
18588 [ToB] Decoy Lich should be immune to poison
18589 [ToB] Phreya should have suitable dialogue if Hexxat is dead
18590 [ToB] Korkorran should not ignore party NPC's
18591 [ToB] Items dropped while fighting Korkorran should be returned with the party
18593 [ToB] Korkorran journal update should not mention Hexxat's humanity if not discussed
18603 [ToB] Necrotic barrier journal entry should not appear when returning to Amkethran
18607 Project Image should end when the caster is injured by friendly attacks
18610 Poison resistances should stack
18611 Arledrian should accept fenced goods
18612 [ToB] Deepstone holding pen should not open without a key
18613 [ToB] Rasaad should not repeatedly tell Alorgoth to face him
18669 Ust Natha should not remain sealed if the Matron Mother is not present
18747 Colored markers should not turn white when selecting the party members
19887 Thieves should not be able to hide in sight of enemies
19888 Nalia should not hand over more than one payment
19889 It should not be possible to walk through the Vulgar Monkey furniture
19890 Mustard Jelly form should protect against nonmagical weapons and level drain
19891 Equipment of characters permanently killed by level drain should not be destroyed
19973 Psionic Life Drain should not result in an uninjured caster losing hp from their new maximum
19974 Psionic Life Drain should not drain increasing amounts each time it is cast
19975 Bolts from Wand of Lightning should not change direction after hitting targets
20034 Usuno's Blade should not have the equipped appearance of a scimitar
20036 Kalah should not shoot bullets from his chest
21025 Prince Villynaty should have louder speech
21077 vittorio-should-be-in-sight-when-the-gong-quest-dialogue-occurs
21550 Spellhold confrontation with Irenicus should always happen when Irenicus is killed

D Level

10247 Mirror Image should protect against poison unless a direct hit results
10962 Del should appear after speaking to Sansuki
11079 Coran's cabin should have the same gather party requirements to leave as to enter
11094 Scrolling in small locations should not see the camera move back and forth
11095 Polymorph should change paper doll and avatar when in drow disguise
11097 NPC's should not say items are on the ground if they remain in transit
11098 Map Screen should not auto-close after area transition
11102 Trademeet statues should not be affected by dispel magic
11107 Rare selection sounds should only play when a character is repeatedly selected
11135 Nahal's Reckless Dweomer should have consistent casting time and description of casting time
11253 Joolon should not speak when casting Cloak of Fear
11493 Items should be a consistent size to other items of the same type
11495 Elephant hide should look as if it came from an elephant
11499 Flail of Ages +4 should use the correct icon on the Game Screen
12231 Chest in Vicross' estate should not appear as a body in the inventory bar
12303 Selection state of familiars should not be removed when loading a save
17501 Corthala Family Armor ground icon should match the equipped appearance
17696 Black Blade of Disaster should have the appearance of a Long Sword
18266 [Tablet] Unseeing Eye staircase cursor should not be present until Tad mentions it
[ToB] Container in Hexxat's quest should have the appearance of a bookcase
18668 Party members should not get fatigued from receiving a temple Greater Restoration
18704 The Wild Forest should become accessible when leaving Watchers Keep
18869 Habib should throw 20gp in the Temple of Ilmater

Feature Requests

21679 Enemies should not follow invisible characters until they stop


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